featured Why you should use a travel agency when planning your holiday

January 27, 2020by Good Hope

A vacation is an opportunity for you to unwind and relax, so why not let #GoodHopeTravel help you out? Here are three simple reasons why using a travel planner makes much more sense than trying to plan a vacation yourself!
1. Travel agencies save you money and time.
Going on a vacation is all the sweeter when you know you got a good deal. However, price shopping can be very tiresome. Why do all that extra work when travel agencies have already established great relationships with providers? We’re talking about unadvertised deals and offers that even the best booking sites don’t have access to. Ever heard of “doing a favor for a friend?”
It’s also very easy to rack up hours trying to make sense of the logistics required to get from one destination to another, in a foreign country.

2. REAL PEOPLE, not computers, plan your vacation.
Travel agencies excel at fulfilling requests, assisting with special accommodations, and working out travel solutions for your party of 15 (something an online site may not be equipped to assist with). Instead of spending another hour looking up answers online from strangers, a quick email or phone call with a travel planner can clear things up—fast and easy.

3. Travel planners assist you EVERY step of the way.
The issue with online booking sites? They are simply portals to confirm a booking—not much else is guaranteed or offered.
There is rarely much support from online portals. Your relationship with the company usually ends as soon as you check out and pay the fees. If something goes wrong, then you’re on your own. Instead of enjoying yourself, you’re forced to spend your vacation resolving problems…in a foreign country. On the other hand, part of a travel planner’s job is troubleshooting on your behalf. Their expertise and connections allow them to organize all of your trip’s activities into a smooth itinerary, and ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

Keep Exploring with us! We’re here to help you create new and adventurous memories✈️

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Why you should use a travel agency when planning your holiday

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